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Why Choose Us

Bonito rooms is breaking this barrier through hourly booking hotel system. Bonito rooms is introducing the concept of booking a hotel for as much hours as needed (3hr,6hr,9hr,12hr or 24hr). This is the most beneficial facility for people looking for short stay, stay for a few hours, a days stay in a hotel. A major crowd in this category falls into the group of unmarried couples. Bonito rooms-Stay Hourly,Pay Hourly is also categorizing couple friendly hotels. Thus,providing facility of hourly stay for couples, hourly booking for couples and day use hotels for couples.

Best Service Guarantee

We will provide you best in class service in the hotel booings on hourly basis as well as daily basis.

Exclusive Gifts

We will provide exclusive gifts to our frequent customers.

Digital as well as COD Payment

We are providing both obline and offile payment methods.


List your hotel as early as possible with bonitorooms to increase the occupancy.


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The use of technology is increasing day by day. The facilities available to people are also increasing at the same pace. Using contemporary technologies is helping companies incl. hotels fetch more sales and break new records. Hospitality industry is also in the list. The hospitality industry is now witnessing a revolution because of IT industry tech trends in Mobile Apps and Websites.

BonitoRooms Changing the face of hospitality industry

Same applies in Hospitality industry. Nowadays all HOTEL guest wants to pay only for the time they have used the HOTEL SERVICES. This in-fact makes them happy and the hotel gets a returning customer as-well. But, majority of hotels in the industry charge for 24 HOUR BOOKING

Revolution hourly booking hotels for short stay

Technology is about to bring a big revolution in the field of hospitality. The age of smartphones and apps has begun and now it is going to change the face of hospitality industry. And, dwelling deep into this change shows that it is in favor of consumers and hotel guests. This new trend is "Hourly hotel booking for short stays".

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